Flashville is an enigma.

A gap in time where two worlds collide and embrace each other : reality and a dreamlike environment, the present and the past, a man and a woman, the XIXth and the XXI centuries, wandering shaddows and shimering bodies, contemporary dance and romantic music, some faded grey tones and fluorescent orange, slow motion and flashing speed, whats been seen and whats about to reach the present world...

Flashville is an improbable place, an imaginary city, the theatre of a passionate love story that would last the time of a flash-back, or a flash forward.

Flashville is a "boy meets girl" in an abstract and imaginary "metroplolis", a love duet in a mental city, in a metaphorical and matamorphosing setting, a "pas de deux" surrounded by shaddows.
Its a short circuit between the memory (the past) and imagination, anticipation (the future).

If the neurosciences tell us today that the "real life reality" is only a product of our perceptive system and our memory, we should then maybe, as our elders of the XIXth century, Lovecraft, Maupassant, Nerval, Poe, count on the forces of imagination and the guiles of the deads to construct a world shared by all.

Flashville might only be a stolen moment in a endless love story of ghosts sliding through time: it began in a lost antiquity and runs away towards an unpredictable future. In the course of this adventure, the XIXth and XXIst century are only a glimpse of time appart...



Choreography, set et costums : Lionel Hoche

Dramaturgy: Youness Anzane

Light : Laurent Schneegans

Music : Hector Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique -

Electroni musical inserts : Sébastien Roux

Dancers : Marion Ballester, Laurianne Madelaine, Quentin Baguet, Arnaud Cabias, Romain Cappello, Sylvain Decloitre, Max Fossati, Jeremy Kouyoumdjian, Emilio Urbina.