Sinuosus is a type of poetical challenge. It involves five dancers in a wrestle with a harpsichord. If the formula of simultaneously placing choreographic performers and musicians on the same stage is not an original one, Sinuous is more than a simple juxtaposition of sound and movements.  The gamble is to get them merge, even if here and there each one, showing particularities inaccessible to the others, fights with the enemy or surrenders himself to the conqueror's pleasure. A pleasure which precedes another exciting delight : that of reaching out to this other being, so different and so distinct, in the hope that a deep understanding may surge forth out of the poetic dialogue.
To this end, another medium forms the link. In order to forge these paths between the two actors; the voice, body and music joined as one shall be the mediator of this little jousting.
With a minimalist and progressive scenography, Sinuosus is poetry in constant transformation. In an abstract way, it follows the paths of our common pursuit, that of the other.


Les Saisons de la Danse

"Sinuosus is the first creation presented by Lionel Hoche in Saint-Etienne since he became resident there. A work based on "the sinuous, the meanders of the emotional and the sensual", Sinuosus has a perturbing smoothness about it... Everything is flawless, maybe too much so, remaining purely abstract...()
"..there is a wonderful duo in the second part which triggers it all off..."
Gallia Valette-Pilenko, August 1999

Danse Conservatoire

"Sinuosus... We never lost our way among the paths laid out by the choreographer. He is Sinuous, true, as Montaigne, but stubbornness and above all, clarity...
"We never get bored... Lionel Hoche's work is quite extraordinary. I have never seen so many personal ideas, playful inventions, techniques pulled apart and then put back together again...
"Thank you Lionel Hoche."
Michel Odin, July 1999

Echo de la Loire

Sinuosus : birth of a show. "With Lionel Hoche everything is created, nothing is lost, everything changes. A true alchemist, he looks for the strong images of art's legend, regardless of shape or size, transposing them to contemporary dance. In this case, he uses the sinuous nature of the S ??in the body, in dance, in thought, in poetry'. He manipulates it, revives it differently, turns it around, slides it through shifting possibilities while remaining coherent. He destroys the barriers between the imaginary and reality."
Joëlle de Laplanche, 11 June 1999

La Tribune Le Progrès

"Lionel Hoche's first creation as resident at Saint-Etienne is delightful... In this case Lionel Hoche's greatest success is in combining art forms such as music, song and pictorial references... Lionel Hoche has allowed everyone's talents to express themselves. The progressive dance bathes in Lucy Carter's lighting, while the harpsichord player travels from one end of the stage to the other on a moving platform. As the show continues, the scenic architecture joins in the subtle metamorphosis.
"Essential in intention, refined in form, a bright future awaits Sinuosus"
Claudie Léger, 3 June 1999



Choreography/Set/Costums : Lionel Hoche
Light : Lucy Carter - Harpsichord : Virginie Vuong - Lyrics : Côme Edy
Dancers : Guillaume Cuvilliez, David Drouard, Lionel Hoche, Joke Martin, Leïla Pasquier, Angélique Willkie.
Music: BOSCO, Jérôme Charles, Darius Milhaud and Erik Satie.