Aged 55, Lionel Hoche is undoubtedly one of France's most prolific and talented choreographers. Since 1989, he has gleaned a wealth of experience both with his company and further afield, as guest choreographer for many of Europe's major international companies. This activity is not only due to his insatiable appetite for his work and passion for dance but also to his rich and atypical professional career. His debuts in classical dance at the Paris Opera Ballet School, his six years as an interpreter with Jiri Kylian's company in the Netherlands followed by Daniel Larrieu's French-based contemporary dance group... versatility combined with his acclaimed savoir-faire have made Lionel Hoche an extremely attractive trump card to play.
All these factors have lead him to collaborate on over eighty projects for some thirty companies (including MéMé BaNjO) in Europe and the Far East, and he is today one of France's most sought-after choreographers. In 2000, he was a guest-choreographer for the Paris Opera Ballet - back too his 'roots' some may say!
A few like to classify Hoche's dance, attributing a neo-classical label to his work, and his experience as a choreographer for many 'neo-classical' companies is probably to blame. However most (including Hoche himself!) are unanimous in their analysis: Lionel Hoche has used his wealth of experience, without denying his past, to create a choreographic vocabulary that is unique, personal and in constant evolution, therefore contemporary. His dance is often qualified as sensual, intimate, tender, and plays on a kinetic and a deconstructed or even dis-'jointed' vision of a sometimes too-vigorous perception of the body. His work demands an extremely high-level of technique from his interpreters, yet is always attentive and respectful of a human body all too often forced into shape.
A rigorous artist with an eye for form and volume (he sometimes designs the sets for his pieces), Lionel Hoche pays particular attention to the aesthetic environment of his pieces, his choices of performers, light and costume designers alike often referred to as astute and even outstanding.
In 1992, Hoche decided to found his own company, MéMé BaNjO (in reference to his grandmother, a Parisian lady of character and influence in the Hoche family, and particularly so for Lionel). La Compagnie Lionel Hoche tours Hoche's work both in France and abroad.
After 5 years in residency in Saint Etienne from 1998 till 2003, the company started in 2004, for four years, a new residency in La Maison de la musique in Nanterre. Then from 2010 till 2013 the company was in a another long term residency with the Opéra de Massy followed up by a four year assignement (2013 to 2016) in Enghiens les Bains, Centre des Arts. The company MéMé BaNjO  then spent another three years in a new residency with the cities of Villetaneuse and Pierrefitte sur Seine (2016 to 2018). It is soon starting two new residencies in La Commanderie in Saint Quentin en Yvelines and in the city of Argenteuil... New works will be created and performed there as well as repertory.  Parallely, a lot of workshops will be held with the city conservatory, different dance schools and many others. The main partners that subsidies its activities in this new region are; the French Ministry of Culture and the County Council.

Association MéMé BaNjO
Compagnie Lionel Hoche
42, rue de Maubeuge
75009 Paris
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a few dates

MéMé BaNjO in a nutshell

1992 - « Prière de tenir la main courante » (production International Cannes Dance Festival)
1997 - Volubilis  (coproduction : International Festival of New Dance in Uzès)
1997 - « Sans Façon » (solo)
1997 - Mirabilis  (coproduction International Cannes Dance Festival)
1998 - « Petite propulsion entre amis » (duo)

In residency at the Esplanade Opera House in Saint-Etienne (France)
1998 - Sinuosus
(coproduction the National Theater of Saint Quentin en Yvelines- France)
1999 - Enroussellements
1999 - Petite Pièce d'Extérieur (re-set for the company)
2000 - « Era Méla Méla » short film for ARTE television (directed by Dan Wiroth)
2000 - Versants (coproduction the National Theater of the Maison des Arts in Créteil - France)
2001 - Kadavresky
2002 - Verska
2002 - le Sacre du printemps

The company returns to Paris
2004 - L'Ile, l'ivre d'images (coproduction ARCADI - Les îles de danse, La Coursive - Scène Nationale de La Rochelle, CNDC of Angers, CCN Biarritz, la Maison de la musique - Nanterre, and the Centre National de la Danse)
In residency at Maison de la musique - Nanterre
2005 - Plexus-Praxis (coproduction Maison de la musique - Nanterre, Centre National de la Danse - Pantin, CCN Ballet of Lorraine and ADAMI)
2006 - Vortex (coproduction Maison de la musque - Nanterre)
2008 - PAN ! (coproduction Centre National de la Danse - Pantin, Maison de la musique - Nanterre, CCN Ballet of Marseille, Theatre Paul Eluard - Bezons, Ferme du Buisson - Scène Nationale de Marne la Vallée)
2010 - Entrelacs (coproduction CND Pantin, CCN Ballet Malandain, Théâtre de Vanves, Centre des Arts de Enghien les Bains, ARCADI et DICREAM)
2011 - Des écumes civiles (coproduction Opéra de Massy, concordan(s)e)
2012 - Nar6 and Corrélations (coproduction Opéra de Massy, CDC Festival les Hivernales d'Avignon)
2013 - Flashville (coproduction CDA Enghien les Bains, CCN Ballet Malandain Biarritz, CCN Ballet de Lorraine, Monaco Danse Forum)
2014 - lundijeudi (coproduction CDA Enghien les Bains, CDC Art Danse Dijon)
2015 - M.M.O (coproduction CDA Enghien les Bains)
2016 -  MOB (coproduction CDA Enghien les Bains)
2021 - Dimanche Eperdument
2022 - Légendes (Les Gens De...)

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