Choreographic Art - Plastic Art - Digital Music and Images: This young audience trio (from 3 years old on) gives free rein to imaginative poetry based on a cohort of fantastic creatures. A contemporary mythology that questions the magical, staging a volatile and playful study of art and choreography. M.M.O. pokes fun at Perrault's tales, the inspiration for Ravel's work "Mother Goose", so that the magical event may strike a chord with our era and take on conspicuously pop aesthetics, all the while in tune with the tribal heritage of cosmogonic beliefs. Leaving behind a linear narrative, this gallery of creatures alternates between solos, duos and trios in a series of metamorphosed dances: playful and otherworldly sketches. Bordered by false forest landscapes, this dreamlike fantasy makes use of the enchantment linking technology to craft.

M.M.O. awakens a modern-day magic - This gallery of weird and wonderful figures and creatures finds an enthralling setting in these moving landscapes, living, organic and receptive. This collection of apparitions takes Ravel's work into a fantastical terrain of virtual worlds while finding inspiration in comics and cartoons, mixing with relish dance, music, plastic art and video... The diversity of cultures, aesthetics and know-how. Digital technology serves the magical nature of the project in a subtle way. Feeding our imagination and our longing for travel, and creating a mythology that brings together these places of the ancient and universal with those of the present and the individual.

A dream made of images - The video, bringing into play symbolic and mysterious landscapes, adds to the movement of the piece with its evolving images (shifting, transforming, changing). This is indeed a journey. The organic nature of this bond enhances the spectacle of characters conversing with landscapes. This is meteorology of the imagination at work, bonding the corporal to its "de-cor".

Stimulating the imagination and tradition - M.M.O. gives free rein to a poetic world in which the human body is both camouflaged and hybrid. And as this body/mystery, this body/folklore leaves our reality, becoming shamanic and cosmogonic, it brings with it fantasy and opens the door to the world's other dimensions. It recalls the animal world, and the vegetal world, but above all, the symbolic world.

Claiming the cultural (references) and technology - M.M.O. distances itself from the historical accuracy of the Ravel/Perrault project, without scorning it in any way. There are occasional nods towards these antiquated references, creating a rapport with time that moves between the historical and the present, then projects towards the future or the hereafter. M.M.O links openly admitted contemporaneity to the roots of the magical genre, but does not rest there. M.M.O. goes further, and awakes that of which certain tribes untiringly remind us, the heritage of the need for an almost spiritual understanding of the universe.

The dialogue with nature - Beyond the environmental dimension as we know it, in this project a harmonic and playful, almost cosmogonic, vision of life's various components fuses with one that is more mythological, historical and referenced. In the depths of our "animist" beliefs, deep within our dreams there remains a glorified space in which the alchemy of our world's different elements can be found at the heart of a simple, fine and poetic balance.

Thoughts on living space - Here the notion of living space is re-mystified and once again given a poetic value, a depth and a texture. Our inner spaces (even imaginary ones) are also brought to communicate with the natural world around us. The forces of nature, its components, its elements, its cycles of which we are but the faraway and detached echo, here seem mythical, and this dynamic movement from one to the other, from one towards the other, weaves and unveils a world in which everything has an effect on everything.

The playful part - The playful dimension is very present within this work for young audiences. The game between the dance, images and music will above all add to this dimension. The images will display a fantastic forest world, a transforming nature in which these natives will turn wonder into a universal commodity.

Illusions are the sanctuary in which we accept to be fascinated.



TT "We love it"
"The audience is taken into a world of magical images (with a wonderful video and graphics creation by Claudio Cavallari) (...) Lionel Hoche??s choreography has another aim: to recreate on stage a space for life, natural and simple. A beautiful union between music and images for this dance phantasmagoria with elements of comedy."
Françoise Sabtier-Morel - Janvier 2016


"Here there is no narrative, just the essence of the tale: the otherworldly that gives rise to a magical, poetic and crazy version in dance. Immediately immersed in fantasy, the piece is skilfully awe-inspiring as it brings together digital technologies with handcrafted costumes. (...) A far cry from a simple show for children playing around with traditional cogs, M.M.O. unfolds a unique universe and a sophisticated choreographic hallmark. A bit of buffoonery and the children will be captivated, the adults enchanted."
Anna - 7 décembre 2015

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"The imaginary subject matter of the choreographer Lionel Hoche is a dialogue based on various influences and technologies. Here, a Suite by Ravel glides gently into fairy tales by Perrault; there, elements of fantasy become powerful symbols; everywhere, bodies, gestures and colours give rise to new possibilities, sealing the alliance between nature and culture."
Cathia Engelbach - December 1st 2015


"Perrault's Fairy Tales are revisited, and like a picture book read to a child, we are in the realm of the imagination. A beautiful piece that cheers the heart of both children and their parents."


"A gallery of wonderful figures and creatures comes to life in an enchanted forest, organic and mysterious, bringing Maurice Ravel??s music into a phantasmagorical world. Leaning towards virtual worlds while dipping into the comic and animation, the project is a delectable fusion of music, dance, art and video.?"   



Choreography, costums : Lionel Hoche
Music : Maurice Ravel - "Ma Mère l'Oye"
Dancers : Céline Debyser or Flore Khoury, Laurianne Madelaine or Clara Protar, Quentin Baguet
Light : Nicolas Prosper - Video : Claudio Cavallari
30 minutes long