lundijeudi is an existential revue in which Lionel Hoche is the body that gives life to a private gallery of characters and scenes from the world of choreography, covering a period of over thirty years, from 1978 to 2014. During these years, creative amnesia and false credibility, irresistible comings and goings cause intrigue between pseudo reality and plausible fantasy.

Lionel Hoche, the choreographer and performer of this solo, is here a witness, a medium. He recalls figures from the world of choreography whose paths he has crossed during his career, in order to ask the question: what does it mean to last in his profession, his passion.

lundijeudi thereby looks at the ephemeral nature of a dancer??s life, evoking the notions of temporality, progression and production.

Statements by artists connected to choreography can sometimes be heard, helping to implicitly give a portrayal of a profession.

One can also at times hear the voice of authority, the inherent severity of the remark that springs forth even from within the void and the anecdote: what it means to toil.

Like a physical Rubik's Cube, lundijeudi is a series of sliding frames in motion, a random succession of music-hall numbers, confessions, tales of experiences and transformations.

This "narrated biographical complex" is an overflowing construction painting an Arcimboldo-like portrait. Lionel Hoche becomes a fractal figure made up of words and tricks, playing around with not knowing which foot to stand on.

Figure means face. Which faces will he put on? How can one produce or weave an implicit self-portrait while depicting a milieu and sketching the movement of an era.






Danser Canal Historique




Choreography and dance : Lionel Hoche - Dramaturgy : Youness Anzane

Sound : Jérôme Tuncer - Lights : Laurent Schneegans