They recall the Meidosems created by Henri Michaux:      "?They take the shape of bubbles in order to dream, they take the shape of lianas in order to be deeply moved?

?The extreme elasticity of the Meidosems, that is the source of their joy. Of their unhappiness too?"

Partly made up of ingredients and short elements taken from past works, MOB remixes and reconnects a variety of writing options for a re-Vision.

Conceived in a dense and pressing format, this thirty-minute work re-arranges, re-applies "a la fresca", method, syntax, protocols and concerns. 

All with the responsibility of creating a new flesh, coherent, consistent, alive, a new united body (corpus), and of weaving together those paths inspired by the succession of choreographic events with new ones: the preceding with the present, as a sort of free and joyful arborescence.

MOB: a question of transformation and metamorphosis of the material/memory.

MOB: also a question of multiplication, division and other fractals? But again of contamination and deformation. The original substances are denatured, altered and perverted. A little alchemy between friends.

Attention: This is NOT a copy/paste but rather a manual for cuttings! The performers go through attempts in motion related to their communion. The work swings between the individual and the community, scrutinizing sheep-like heritage, but also the drive and the liberation, and in a broader sense the society gam... They become a tribe, a gang!

...Most likely a ritual or rather cosmogonic dimension will arise, almost certainly thwarted by a trivial element or the sudden and temporary intrusion of an awkward reality...

These events take place in a dazzlingly white box, with calligraphic bodies, energetic, dense, vigorous and rowdy; their behaviour never losing a sense of the comic. These needy bodies have a very direct rapport with the movement, (pleasure), while maintaining a humorous distance from the music: a gang at times given to burlesque outbursts.

This tribe's disparate bodies will wear practically the same costume, the same envelope with a few differing details. A red hooded leotard and multicoloured fringe... Indians!


MOB: A family body? A group of friends? A society?


A choreographic piece for inter-generational performers and with a range of possibilities in situ, or outside the theatre, even in the open-air (an all-terrain predisposition).

The performers are not only from very different generations (aged between 20 and 50), they have also all been involved with the company for different lengths of time, joining more or less recently, and with dissimilar careers.



Choregraphy, set design, costums : Lionel Hoche

Music : Francis Poulenc, concerto fo two pianos

Light : Nicolas Prosper

Dance : Quentin Baguet, Céline Debyser, Cyril Geeroms, Lionel Hoche, Laurianne Madelaine, Emilio Urbina, Vincent Delétang.

35 minutes long